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What We Do

we are wearable

We specialized in helping your company to understand and embed wearable technology in - and externally.


capable of being sensed; perceptible, tangible.

- definiton -


The future belongs to wearable technologies. Be ahead of your competition by staying up-to-date and learning about wearables first.


We provide comprehensive consulting around wearable computing. This includes current market analysis, chances and risks for your company.


We help you through the process of integrating wearables into your company´s daily business.


Did you ever want to try devices like Google Glass for yourself and see how it might help you? With us you can!


Workshops will get you close to the new technology and provide brainstorming sessions suited to your needs.

Platform Independent

Since we are an independent agency we do not promote any product in particular. We want you to choose which fits your needs best.


Our consultants are currently able to help you in German, English and Spanish.



This is an excerpt of the clients I had the pleasure to work with. This includes industry, agencies as well as academic institutions.


I specialized in wearable computing and am currently writing a PhD thesis about the topic. I am based in Munich, Germany but my services are available around the globe.
Ickstattstraße 24, Munich, Germany

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